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Jan Synot

To me there are many special places in the world. A place where someone I love lives, a memory of a place visited, a place of contemplation, a place in my heart.


At this time I have chosen to focus on places I have visited and which for me, holds special memories.


My aim is to represent that place in colour and design and portray to the viewer some of the beauty that attracted me to that place and point of view. For this collection of paintings I have worked in oils. I am a colourist artist and I am captivated by the forms and colours of nature interacting with light. I often work in my studio from my own collection of photographs, arranging and re-arranging these to form pleasing images.

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Jan Synot

Address: Level one

64 Little Malop St

Geelong VIC 3220

Mobile:  0421969230

Email: jan@jansynot.com.au